The Wait is Almost Over… Fantasy Baseball Begins April 5th!

We are less than a month away from opening day of baseball and there couldn’t be better news for us daily fantasy players. With football being over until September and basketball being over in a couple months, it’s time to learn how to play daily fantasy baseball. Not only does daily fantasy baseball give you something to look forward to everyday, but it also is extremely addicting. Most people that try it like it just as much if not more than fantasy football and fantasy basketball. If you haven’t signed up for any daily fantasy sites yet or would like to try a new site, make sure to check out the Fanduel Promo Code which will give you a bonus of 40% on your first deposit.

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Now let’s get back to fantasy baseball. This post will serve as a good introduction to how daily fantasy baseball works and also give a few tips on how to make a winning team. Daily fantasy baseball requires you to pick a new team every single day. Depending on which site you play on, there are different roster requirements, but most sites use the following: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF’s, 1P. Everyday is unique because you will want to fill out your team based on matchups and lineups.

Now that you have an idea of the positions you will need to fill, let’s go over how the scoring works. Keep in mind that knowing the site’s scoring system is crucial to your success. How are you supposed to make a great team if you don’t know the criteria your players are going to be scored on. Most sites have similar scoring, but here is FanDuel’s:


1B = 1pt
2B = 2pts
3B = 3pts
HR = 4pts
RBI = 1pt
R = 1pt
BB = 1pt
SB = 2pts
HBP = 1pt
Out (calculated as at bats – hits) = -.25pt

W = 5pts
ER = -1pt
SO = 1pt
IP = 1pt

Depending on which site you decide to play on, make sure to study all of the baseball scoring so that you will have a good idea of which players you want to pick. Obviously, hits, RBI’s, and stolen bases are what you are looking for.

Now that you have joined a site and are ready to start making a team, here are a few hints that may help you in the beginning:

- Choose your starting pitcher first, this way you will not be forced to pick a crappy pitcher at the end because you have no salary left.

- Make sure to check the lineups every single day. Baseball is much different than football and basketball because they play everyday so many times players will get days off for no reason. Checking the lineups will also help you find good value players that are batting in the middle of the lineup.

- Check the weather reports every single day. Most baseball parks do not have the ability to close and be indoors and weather plays a huge role in fantasy baseball. Games get rained out all the time. Also, you will never want to take a pitcher in a rainy game because they could get pulled at any time.

Make sure to sign up today and use either the Fanduel Promo Code or the BuzzDraft Promo Code to get you a big bonus on your first deposit. Then count the days until the baseball season begins!

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