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Fanduel has always been a leader in the daily fantasy sports industry because they are consistently improving and making the site better. The hard workers over at FanDuel have been extremely busy lately and it shows. FanDuel has improved its site and added many new features over the last few months. For those of you that play on Fanduel or are looking to start playing daily fantasy sports, be sure to use this Fanduel Promocode to get a bonus on your next deposit. Here are a few of the new features over at Fanduel:

New Draft Lobby – If you haven’t been on FanDuel in a while, then go check out their new draft lobby. The old lobby only listed a few open leagues at a time and it really didn’t allow you to enter against the opponents that you wanted because as soon as a new league would pop up, someone else would quickly join it. The new draft lobby is great, is lists all of the open contests that are available and lets you sort by sport, size of the league, entry fee, and start time. The lobby still allows you to see your potential opponents, but with many more open games, it makes it much easier to get into the leagues that you want.

FanDuel Points (FDP) – A few of the other daily fantasy sports sites have been offering a type of bonus points that you accrue and can spend on merchandise or if you save up enough you can buy an entry fee into an actual money league. FanDuel has come out with their own version called FanDuel points that give you points for every league that you join. You get to build these points up and at the end of each month, you will get awarded a spot into a freeroll based on how many points you have accrued during the month. In addition to the freeroll entry, you can also spend your FanDuel points to enter cash contests. This is a great new promotion that rewards players with freerolls and free entrance into cash contests.

50/50 Leagues – This new type of fantasy sports league is quickly becoming incredibly popular. The league basically pays everyone that finishes in the top half of the league and everyone that finishes in the bottom half will lose. So if there is a 20-man, $5, 50/50 league, then those who finish in places 1-10 will essentially win $5 minus the rake. On the other hand, those people who finish in places 11-20 will lose their $5. Many fantasy players like these types of leagues because all you have to do is beat 50% of your opponents and you will win. Fanduel was one of the first sites to start to offer these 50/50 leagues. If you haven’t tried them, use this Fanduel Promocode and start playing today.

College Basketball Leagues – College Basketball has begun and you no longer have to wait until March to get in on the action. FanDuel now offers daily college basketball leagues that let you pick from any players in the major conferences. You can play in head to head leagues, large field tournaments, and even 50/50 leagues. Think you know your College Basketball better than anyone else? Why not take that knowledge and get paid for it? Prove it today over at Fanduel.

Fanduel is always ahead of the competition when it comes to new features and always keeping it’s users happy. These are just a few of the new features that have been implemented in the last couple months. Whether you already play on FanDuel or would like to start playing, make sure to use this Fanduel Bonus Code.

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