Fanduel’s Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship is Giving Away $250,000!

For those of you who don’t play on Fanduel or haven’t heard of the DFBC (Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship), I am going to cover it extensively in this post because it is one of the best fantasy baseball competitions in the world and this year they are giving away an incredible $250,000 which doesn’t include an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for all of the qualifiers. If you haven’t signed up for Fanduel yet, be sure to use this Fanduel Promocode to get a 40% deposit bonus!

Before I get into too many details of the prizes, let’s first talk about how it works and how you can qualify. Fanduel is a daily fantasy sports site that prides itself in putting on the biggest daily fantasy baseball competition out there. How the contest works is pretty simple. Every week for 15 weeks Fanduel posts a DFBC qualifier on its site. It’s only $10 to enter and you can enter as many different teams as you want. If you have never played daily fantasy baseball before, you basically get a salary that you can spend on your team and have to fill out each position (1B, 2B, 3B, etc.).

So it’s only $10 to enter and you can pick as many teams as you want. The contest lasts for one day and at the end of all of the games, the person with the highest score wins a seat to the DFBC that is held in Las Vegas. Then the next week, the tournament starts all over again and you can enter as many more teams as you want to try to win that coveted seat in the DFBC. In addition to the seat, each week’s tournament is like a large field tournament because it gives cash prizes out for all those that place high enough.

Winning a seat to the DFBC is extremely hard to do and takes a lot of luck, but it can be done. And it has been done by people that have only entered one or two teams. It all just depends on how lucky you are. Now that you have an idea of the tournament, let’s talk about why you want to win a seat to the DFBC so bad.

After all of the qualifiers are over and the field is set, it’s time for the winners of each of the seats to head to Las Vegas for an all-expenses paid trip to the best fantasy baseball tournament around. All 15 of the qualifiers meet in Vegas for the Fanduel DFBC. In addition to the free trip to Vegas that includes VIP everything, check out the prizes:

1st:$100,000, 2nd:$25,000, 3rd:$18,000, 4th:$12,000, 5th:$10,000, 6th:$8,000, 7th:$6,000, 8th:$4,500,
9th:$3,500, 10th:$3,000, 11th:$2,500, 12th:$2,250, 13th: $2,000, 14th: $1,750, 15th: $1,500

The championship is played just like all of the qualifiers. Each of the contestants have one team and they have the same roster requirements and salary cap and have to pick their very best team. Then once the games start they just sit back and have to watch to see how their team shakes out compared to the rest of the group. Even if you took last place, you get a free trip to Vegas and $1,500!

For a complete description of the event, check out¬†Fanduel’s DFBC page.

Fanduel’s DFBC starts on April 6th so make sure to sign up for Fanduel and use this Fanduel Promo Code in order to get a 40% bonus on your first deposit. This bonus is basically free money that you get just for using the¬†Fanduel Promo Code that fantasypromocode has provided.

So get signed up and I will see you in the DFBC! Just make sure to leave one of the seat’s for me!

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