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There’s no need to enter a Promo Code on DraftDay to get the top bonus on DraftDay – just make sure to click through our link to DraftDay here and create an account and you’ll get a 20% deposit bonus and a free $5 game!

If you haven’t checked out DraftDay yet, you are missing out on one of the coolest and sleekest daily fantasy sites on the web. From innovative game styles to massive qualifier events, DraftDay has everything a daily fantasy player could need in one spot. The games range in value from a daily freeroll to $500 buy-ins and the style of game play ranges as well(see more further down.) They have an incredible lobby whose sleek design and easy maneuverability makes it perfect for the new daily fantasy player. So check out a couple of their features below and then head over to DraftDay, enter your info, promo code and start playing!

Signing Up

Signing up for DraftDay is easy to do. Just click the Sign Up button at the top tab and immediately a pop up window shows up with the option to go to the sign up page or with the convenient option of signing up through Facebook. Just enter your full name, an email, and any promo codes you have and you are ready to go! From there you will be taken to the DD home page where you can start depositing or jumping in their daily freeroll.

Daily Free Ballin Freeroll

The DraftDay daily freeroll is one of the bigger daily free events out there, and very nice to have a shot at every day. Fifty dollars in total prizes. First place brings home a cool $15 while the top 25 players overall each day receive at least a buck. It’s definitely tough to bring home the freeroll money, with almost 700 daily players, but it’s still worth it to take a stab each day. Who knows, maybe you will win just a dollar and use it to win The Jackpot event the next day. Don’t worry, there’s a full explanation of the awesome daily Jackpot event at DD below!

Innovative Game Styles

What separates DraftDay from the pack is their incredible innovation with game styles. They offer three different types of games unlike those seen on most different fantasy sites. The first is a Jackpot style game, the second is a hit it and split it type and the third is Pick Em style.

Daily Jackpot

The Daily Jackpot is an opportunity for a player to make a ton of money with only a $1 entry. Enter the Jackpot game at DraftDay and fill out your lineup just like you would for any other team. But instead of competing against fellow players, you will be competing against the top score of the entire season that the game is for. For example, if the highest score from all Jackpot games during baseball season is 110 fantasy points, the goal is to score higher than that. Every day, people try to hit the Jackpot and for each day that someone fails to reach it, all of the money is added to the Jackpot total. The Jackpot can reach into the thousands of dollars by the later stages of a sports season. If you can beat the Jackpot on any given day, you are likely to turn $1 into hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Hit It and Split It

Hit it and split it games are perhaps the coolest of the games introduced by DraftDay. DraftDay sets a series of scores, dependent on sport, and hosts games where anyone who buys in and achieves that score on a given night splits the prize with all other players who also reached that score that night. For MLB, the Mendoza Line is their main Hit It and Split It game, where a score of 45 fantasy points is the goal. For $2.50 you can buy-in and take a chance. With 100 entrants every night, you are basically hoping that you can break 45 and the smallest number of other entrants are able to do the same. If you break 45 and only 10 other players do so, you and the 10 other players will split the 200$ prize pool. Their bigger Hit It and Split It game for MLB is the Helton Heights game which has a buy-in of $7.50 and a hit it and split it line of 65 fantasy points. Obviously the 65 points is much harder to achieve than the 45, so if you are able to do so you will be splitting a very nice chunk of change. What also makes the Hit it and Split it games cool is that if no one is able to hit the target score on a given night, the money from that night will roll over into the pool for the next night!

Pick Em

Pick em is a style of game that has caught on across daily fantasy sports and DraftDay hosts a number of Pick em games each night. Pick em is essentially a game where you are given tiers of similar skill/valued players and you choose one player out of each tier. At DraftDay, you get 2 tiers of pitchers and 6 tiers of hitters for Major League Baseball games. Just like any other daily fantasy game, the person who picks the best group of players takes home the prize! DraftDay has run great promo code events with their Pick Em games as well. They have had XM Sirius Radio fantasy bombshell Kay Adams in a series of Pick Em games where all winners won exclusive access into a small number of entrees freeroll and more! So check out the Pick Em games and make a lineup much faster than you could with the typical salary cap style.

Huge Events

In the past, DraftDay has run some massive qualifier events such as their DOCOFS promotion which ran for the beginning of the 2012 MLB Season. They call the DOCOFS, “The first online fantasy sports championship of its kind” and it certainly lived up to that billing. With over $40K in prizes, including a $20K Main-Event, the first DOCOFS round was a huge hit. This is just one example of all the great promos that DraftDay has been known to run.

So check out DraftDay, it’s easy to use and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend giving one of their interesting game styles a shot, I bet you’ll enjoy it!

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