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DraftDay Promo Code

Welcome to the Fantasy Promo Code Blog! We'll keep you posted on the promotional and bonus code offers from fantasy sports sites throughout the web!  Never join a pay league without first searching for the best promo codes.  If you find any promo codes that we currently do not have posted please add them as a comment to a blog post.

FanThrowDown Promo Code

January 29th, 2013

FanThrowDown LogoWith a sleek stylistic mixture of daily fantasy giants FanDuel and DraftDay, has the smooth look and feel you want in your daily fantasy sports site. The focus at FanThrowDown? Being as user-friendly as humanly possible. Everything on the site from the moment you enter is incredibly easy to understand. With detailed explanations at every step and impressive software, FanThrowDown is well on their way to being one of the most user-friendly daily fantasy sites around. And while the site is still relatively new at the time of this FanThrowDown review, they have big aspirations to create a diverse site with game offerings, styles and sports to suit every daily fantasy player. So check it out and be sure to use our FanThrowDown Promo Code to get the best bonuses!

Click here to sign up to FanThrowDown And Receive a 20% Deposit Bonus (Paid in REAL CASH) Up to $100 on a $500 Deposit!

Software and Interface

As alluded to above, the software and interface is extremely impressive out of the gates on FanThrowDown. Sign up is extremely easy and in a matter of minutes you are ready to start depositing and playing for real cash. Their Main Lobby is also easy to use, with tons of filters that can allow you to find your preferred game style or sport with incredible ease. There are 5 main categories of filters with sub-filters beneath them. First choose your sport, with every major professional sport, college hoops, college football and PGA in the works. Next, filter by game size and buy-in amount. Games vary in size from H2H to large field tournaments and buy-ins currently run from free to $200. After you settle on a buy-in level you can then filter by game style.  Salary cap leagues, custom salary cap leagues, pick em games and over/under games are all available(more details on these game types below). The next filter option is payout, which is an extension of game types. Hit it and Split it games, Jackpot events, GPPs, winner take all and more are all available. Last just select the desired game start time and you can find your ideal match. Or if you aren’t that picky just scrollthrough the lobby at once and find a game you like!

FanThrowDown Filters

Game Offerings

FanThrowDown offers the following game styles:

1) Sports – NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, College Football, College Basketball, PGA

2) Game Types – Pick Em, Salary Cap, Over/Under and Custom Salary Cap Games

3) Payout Types – Winner Take All, 50/50s, Top-3 Paid, Jackpot, GPPs, and “Hit it and Split it” target games.

FanThrowDown also offers the ability to create your own league tailored to your wants! The feature is really impressive already and is a huge success on many other daily fantasy sites.

Scoring Systems:

NBA + CBB Scoring System:

  • 3-pt FG = 3pts
  • 2-pt FG = 2pts
  • FT = 1pt
  • Rebound = 1pt
  • Assist = 1pt
  • Block = 2pts
  • Steal = 2pts
  • Turnover = -1pt

NHL Scoring System:

  • Goals = 3pts
  • Assists = 2pts
  • Plus/Minus = 1pt
  • Penalty Minutes = 0.25pt
  • Powerplay Points = +0.5pt
  • Shots on Goal = 0.4pt
  • Wins = 4pts
  • Goals Against = -1pt
  • Saves = 0.2pt
  • Shutouts = 2pts

NFL and CFB Scoring System:

  • Rushing yards made = 0.1pts
  • Rushing touchdowns = 6pts
  • Passing yards = 0.04pts
  • Passing touchdowns = 4pts
  • Interceptions = -1pt (negative)
  • Receiving yards = 0.1pts
  • Receiving touchdowns = 6pts
  • Receptions = 0.5pts
  • Kick-return touchdowns = 6pts
  • Punt-return touchdowns = 6pts
  • Fumbles lost = -2pts (negative)
  • Own fumbles recovered touchdowns = 6pts
  • Two-point conversions scored = 2pts
  • Two-point conversion passes = 2pts
  • Field-goals from 0-19 yards = 3pts
  • Field-goals from 20-29 yards = 3pts
  • Field-goals from 30-39 yards = 3pts
  • Field-goals from 40-49 yards = 4pts
  • Field-goals from 50+ yards = 5pts
  • Extra-point conversions = 1pt
  • Sacks = 1pt
  • Opponent-fumbles recovered = 2pts
  • Return touchdowns = 6pts
  • Fumble return touchdowns = 6pts
  • Safeties = 2pts
  • Blocked kicks = 2pts
  • Interceptions = 2pts
  • 0 points allowed = 10pts
  • 1-6 points allowed = 7pts
  • 7-13 points allowed = 4pts
  • 14-20 points allowed = 1pt
  • 28-34 points allowed = -1pt
  • 35+ points allowed = -4pts

FanThrowDown Game Lobby

Other Notable Features of FanThrowDown:

  1. Import/Export Mass Lineups Feature
  2. Player Chat Room
  3. Live Scoring Updates and Live Scoreboard
  4. Player Leaderboard
  5. Easy to access Support area

FanThrowDown is definitely booming with potential and has the work ethic needed to become a successful daily fantasy site. Check it out today and remember to sign up through our links for the best FanThrowDown Promo Code. Receive your 20% Deposit Bonus Up To $100 IN REAL CASH today!

DraftStreet Basketball Championship 2012: $250K in Prizes

December 28th, 2012

DraftStreet has announced their plans for their 2012 Basketball Championship which will feature a series of qualifiers leading up to a final tournament with $250,000 in total prizes. The champion of the entire event will take home a remarkable $50,000 which matches the largest first place prize in the history of daily fantasy basketball.


Different from the DSFC or DraftStreet Football Championship, the DSBBC will be an online event instead of a live finale. But similar to DraftStreet’s baseball championship, this will be a 3 day final tournament where the qualifiers battle it out survivor style to decide a final victor. There are 30 qualifying spots all leading up to the 3-day tournament mentioned above. If you are an NBA Daily Fantasy Expert, this is your best chance to show your skills this NBA season. And if you haven’t signed up for DraftStreet yet, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our 40% Deposit Bonus.


Below is the complete list of remaining DSBBC Qualifiers:

$109 Qualifier 12/28/2012
$55 Qualifier 1/2/2012
$11 Qualifier 1/4/2012
$109 Qualifier 1/9/2012
$22 Qualifier 1/11/2012
$11 Qualifier 1/16/2012
$55 Qualifier 1/18/2012
$22 Qualifier 1/23/2012
$109 Qualifier 1/25/2012
$55 Qualifier 1/30/2012
$11 Qualifier 2/1/2012
$109 Qualifier 2/6/2012
$22 Qualifier 2/8/2012
$11 Qualifier 2/13/2012
$55 Qualifier 2/20/2012
$22 Qualifier 2/22/2012
$109 Qualifier 2/27/2012
$11 Qualifier 3/1/2012
$109 Qualifier 3/6/2012

There are 18 remaining qualifiers for you to enter. The number of entrants varies with the level of buy-in so the higher buy-in tournaments offer you a better chance to qualify. Want to learn more about DraftStreet’s NBA Scoring System? Check out our DraftStreet Review for a full breakdown of their NBA scoring system!

More Info on DSBBC Finals

The main event begins on March 12th, where 135,000 of the $250K in total prizes will be awarded. The other $115K will come from the qualifier payouts. The finals will start with the 40 qualifiers, all of whom are guaranteed a payout regardless of where they place. The 40 qualifiers will be lowered to 20 after the 1st day of the finals. The next day, that number will again be cut in half as they drop to 10 finalists. The final day is a 10-man battle for NBA Daily Fantasy supremacy. The final day of the DSBBC Championship will take place on March 15th.

Some Important Notes:

1) Scores in the final days will not carry over from round to round. Each day all of the qualifiers will start fresh.

2) Max 5 Entries per player for each qualifier event. Also, players may only earn a max of 2 main event entries.

DSBBC Main Event Payouts

1st – $50,000

2nd – $18,000

3rd – $8,000

4th – $6,000

5th – $5,000

6th – $4,000

7th and 8th – $3500

9th and 10th – $3000

11th-20th – $2000

21st – 30th – $1000

More Info on the DSBBC Qualifier Rounds

  • First place for each Qualifier earns one of the 30 main event entries
  • Qualifiers will be Wednesdays and Fridays from Nov. 21st to March 8th
  • Entry Fees will range from $11 to $109. They are also at $22 and $55
  • Satellite Leagues will be available for DSBBC Qualifiers with entry-fees as low as $2 to win an $11-109 Qualifier Entry
  • League sizes range from 80 to 800 entries(80 entrants for $109 leagues and 800 for $11 leages)
  • Over $100,000 in runner-up prizes

So this is again an awesome opportunity to show your NBA prowess and win a ton of money for it. DraftStreet continues to up the ante with their massive qualifier tournaments and the players are the ones being rewarded. If you love daily fantasy basketball then DraftStreet is the place for you during the 2012 season. So get over their now, get your 40% Deposit Bonus and start qualifying today!

Draft Team Promo Code

December 4th, 2012

Draft Team is a daily fantasy sports site that offers impressive software and massive potential to become a daily fantasy sports giant. While DraftTeam is just in its early stages at the time of this DraftTeam review, it is clear that they have the drive to become a top tier daily fantasy option. The site is easy to use and comes with a number of innovative features in their game lobbies that somehow make daily fantasy more fun than it already is!


Software and Interface

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting is their sleek design. Their logo might be the best yet, combining a touch of the NFL logo with a sheriff’s badge look. On the main screen you have access to every page available on their site. At the top of the home page you can click to your player profile page, a rules breakdown, the DraftTeam Blog and a How it Works Video with a very attractive woman telling you all about the site. You can also filter which games you wish to play by sport and then sort those games by buy-in levels or prize pool.

DraftTeam HOME 3

Draft Lobbies at DraftTeam

The draft lobby is noticeably different from the typical daily fantasy site. For their NFL games, instead of a roster table you will see a football field with player positions listed on it. As you select your players, their names appear at those positions. It’s a pretty cool idea that, with a little improvement, could be an excellent feature. For basketball, a court will show up displaying the positions that need to be filled. Each draft lobby has the league details to the left of the “roster field or court” and the scoring settings for that daily fantasy game to the left of the player pool. The player pool is one area where DraftTeam could use some improvement, as it’s not the easiest to use in the daily fantasy industry. Regardless the player selection process is straight-forward and the innovative draft lobby separates it from anything we’ve seen in daily fantasy thus far.

DraftTeam NFL

Game Offerings

While still relatively new at the time of this DraftTeam review, the site already offers NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL daily fantasy salary cap games. Buy ins are lower than most, ranging from free to $25 at the time of this review but will likely increase as time goes on. They only offer the salary cap format games as well.

NFL Salary Cap Games at DraftTeam

Their NFL Salary Cap Games start you out with $100,000 to spend on 9 NFL players. The position breakdown is as follows: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, DST, K. The player salaries are reasonable, allowing you an opportunity to build a team you feel comfortable with each and every week. The scoring format for their NFL games is listed below:

Passing Yards 0.04
Passing Touchdowns 4
Interceptions -1
Two Point Conversion 2
Rushing Yards 0.1
Receiving Yards 0.1
Receptions 0.5
Rushing/Receiving Touchdown 6
Fumbles Lost -2
Extra Point 1
Field Goals 0-19 yds 3
Field Goals 20-29 yds 3
Field Goals 30-39 yds 3
Field Goals 40-49 yds 4
Field Goals 50+ yds 5
Shutout 10
1-6 Points Allowed 7
7-13 Points Allowed 4
14-20 Points Allowed 1
28-34 points allowed -1
35+ Points Allowed -4
Fumbles Recovered 2
Interceptions 2
Sacks 1
Safeties 2
Defensive/Special Teams TD 6
Blocked kicks 2

NBA Salary Cap Games

draftteam NBA

The NBA Salary Cap Games at DraftTeam have a maximum salary of $100,000 and a roster format as follows: 4 Guards, 4 Forwards and 1 Center. The scoring system for the NBA Salary Cap Games is pretty standard:

Points = 1, Rebounds=1, Assists=1, Steals and Blocks=2, Turnovers=1

Deposit Bonus and Promotions

Currently DraftTeam offers a 50% first time deposit bonus. They also host a $100 Weekly NFL Freeroll to get your feet wet!


The Cashier option at DraftTeam can be found on the right hand side of the home page where you will see a mini “player profile” overview. From there you can deposit or withdraw or even invite your friends to play. You can deposit via MasterCard, American Express or Visa and there is a $10 minimum deposit and a $500 maximum deposit. For withdrawals, you can request a check for any amount to withdraw and it will be sent in 1-7 business days.


Overall the DraftTeam crew has put together a daily fantasy site to be excited about. Their software is already on par with some of the better daily fantasy sites and they have the ownership backing to be able to host some big tournaments in the future. Be sure to check it out and get your 50% deposit bonus today!

Cantor Fantasy Line

October 8th, 2012

Cantor Fantasy Sports provides a Vegas touch to the daily fantasy industry. They have dubbed it the first ever Cantor Fantasy Line, which is a concept that takes off the salary cap format and tests your ability to play against the Cantor projections. Multiple game offerings and incredibly high stakes make Cantor Fantasy Sports an immediate player among daily fantasy sports sites.

Main Draft Lobby at Cantor Fantasy Sports

Main Draft Lobby at Cantor Fantasy Sports

Cantor Gaming began as a mobile sports betting operation that allows bettors at the M Resort, Hard Rock Hotel, Legasse Stadium and Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas to place in game bets from their phone. Their other services include mobile and wireless capabilities that allow members staying at these hotels to play blackjack, poker and other virtual games without even having to leave their room.

The original idea for the Cantor Fantasy Line began long before their daily fantasy site released. It was a game tested in Las Vegas first and after it received glowing reviews there, they decided to enter the daily fantasy marketplace across the country.

Game Offerings

There are 2 main styles of play for Cantor Fantasy Sports. They have a “Top-Tier” game which is a style common to “Pro Pick Em” and they also have their Cantor Fantasy Line game which currently has formats available for NFL and NBA action.

Top Tier Game

Top Tier Game Draft Lobby

Top Tier Game Draft Lobby

Choose “Top Tier” at the lobby and pick your league size and buy-in amount. From there you enter a draft room with 10 tiers of players to choose from. Select your choice in each tier and then compete for the highest total score. The tiers are broken up into 3 tiers of quarterbacks, 3 tiers of running backs, 3 tiers of wide receivers and tight ends, and 1 team defense tier for NFL action. Each different tier comes with 6 players to choose from, so the total player pool is 60 players.

Cantor Fantasy Line

The Cantor Fantasy Line is an innovative approach to the traditional daily fantasy model. The best way to explain it is through example. In a salary cap format you are picking a set roster of players that best fit the salary cap enforced by a daily fantasy site. The Cantor Fantasy Line has no salary cap and you are free to pick whichever players you please. The catch is that, instead of having a salary next to each player’s name, they have a projection of fantasy points for that player. The lineup you choose then receives a total projection based on the sum of all projections of the players you take. Your opponent will also choose a lineup and receive a summed projection total. The difference between the two projection totals is the Cantor Fantasy Line. So if you take the best player at each position and are projected to score 240 fantasy points, and your opponents team is only projected to score 180 fantasy points, then the line would be:

Your Team(-60)


And your fantasy team would need to outscore the opponent’s by 60 total points to win. Essentially they are having users try and find value plays within their projections rather than trying to find value plays within a salary format.

Cantor 7 Game

Cantor 7 is an NFL fantasy line game where you have a roster of 7 NFL players that needs to be filled out. The roster format is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR/TE, 1 Kicker and 1 Defense.

Software and Interface

The software and interface aspect of Cantor Fantasy Sports is straightforward and very ‘business-like’. Filters through the main lobby include sorting by sport, game style, payouts, entry fees, duration of contest, scoring style and number of entrants. Their entry fees can be sorted in four main categories; free, low($2-$100), medium($100-$1000), and high roller($1000-$50000). You can also easily maneuver from their main lobby to your account page and you can quickly view your upcoming, current and past leagues in their “View History” page above the main lobby.

When the games begin, Cantor offers live scoring updates so you can see how your team is doing in real time!

Rosters, Rules and Scoring

As mentioned earlier, the style of play is a different because the Cantor Fantasy Line forces you to adjust the way you determine value in various players. But the general concepts and scoring, shown below, are the same so the transition should be smooth for daily fantasy players.

Top Tier NFL Game

  • 10 Tiers of Players
  • 6 Players Per Tier
  • 3 QB Tiers, 3 RB Tiers, 3 WR/TE Tiers and 1 DEF Tier
  • Must include players from at least 2 NFL Teams
  • Cantor 7 Game

  • Roster Format: QB, RB1, RB2, WR/TE1, WR/TE2, DEF
  • Spread will be set when lineups close to even out teams.
  • After spread is set, best score, after the Cantor Fantasy Line is included, wins.
  • Cantor 7 Game Draft Lobby!

    Cantor 7 Game Draft Lobby!

    Football Scoring System

    Offensive Players

    Category – Fantasy Points

  • Touchdown (Rushing or Receiving) 6 points
  • Return of Kick or Punt for Touchdown 6 points
  • Fumble Recovery Return for a Touchdown 6 points
  • Two-Point Conversion (Rushing or Receiving) 4 points
  • Two-Point Conversion (Passing) 2 points
  • Every Yard (Rushing or Receiving) 1/10 point
  • Every Yard (Passing) 1/25 point
  • Defense/Special Teams

    D/ST Category – Fantasy Points

  • 0 PA 10
  • 2-6 PA 7
  • 7-13 PA 4
  • 14-17 PA 1
  • 18-21 PA 0
  • 22-27 PA -1
  • 28-34 PA -4
  • 35-45 PA -7
  • 46+ PA -10
  • D/ST TD 3
  • INT 2
  • Fum. Rec. 2
  • Block Punt 2
  • Block FG 2
  • Blocked PAT 2
  • Safety 2
  • Sack 1
  • Kicker Scoring

    Category-Kicker Fantasy Points

  • FGM 50 Yds+ 5 points
  • FGM 40-49 Yds 4 points
  • FGM 39 Yds or less 3 points
  • Two Pt. Conv. 2 points
  • PAT 1 point
  • NOTE: Kickers are not included in “Top Tier” style games.

    Restrictions on Use

    Cantor Fantasy Sports is only available for real-money games to residents of the following states who are at least 18 years of age or older: Alabama, Alaska, California, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

    Free leagues are available for anyone in the 50 US states, including the District of Columbia.



    The Cantor Fantasy Sports Cashier is easy to find with a button in the top right corner of their home page. You then go to their deposit screen where you can choose a payment method. They offer deposits through most major credit cards via a PayPal screen. After you select your deposit amount you will be taken to a PayPal page to confirm.

    Deposit Screen for Cantor Fantasy Sports

    Deposit Screen for Cantor Fantasy Sports


    To withdraw, there is a fast two-step process. First, enter the withdrawal amount along with the method for withdrawal you prefer. Second, you confirm the withdrawal amount on a follow-up screen. The minimum withdrawal at Cantor Fantasy Sports is $20.00. PayPal withdrawals will be processed immediately and PayPal eChecks may take up to 7 days to be entered into your account.

    Star Fantasy League Promo Code (Referral Code)

    September 13th, 2012

    StarFantasyLeagues is a daily fantasy sports destination with a quality interface but in need of some improvements before becoming a trustworthy site. Currently they only offer a weekly NFL freeroll with no cash games or other smaller free events. The site is clearly in the beta stages of development but has decided to launch publicly for the start of the 2012 NFL season. Without a cashier option yet and only a few freerolls scheduled, it remains to be seen the direction this site is headed.


    Game Offerings

    They are offering only a free NFL game in their Main Lobby each weekend. Their goal is to have cash daily fantasy games up and running by Week 5 of the 2012 NFL season. They also have salary cap and snake draft (sit and go) leagues listed in their FAQ. Last, they listed the ability to create your own customized leagues in their FAQ which would be a nice addition and luxury for daily fantasy players. These leagues would have options to create different sizes, styles(sit and draft or salary caps) and buy-in levels.

    Software and Interface

    StarFantasyLeagues Draft Room

    The software and interface of StarFantasyLeague comes across as pretty clean and easy to use. You start out on the main lobby page where the tool bar on top allows you to switch to view your account, featured events, frequently asked questions, support, game rules and the site leaderboard. The home page also shows a rolling advertisement that switches between their various promotions that are running, so you can view them without having to go searching. Their draft lobbies for daily fantasy games are straightforward and you can sort by player, team, position, salary and fantasy points per game. As for sorting in the main lobby, you can choose which leagues you wish to view by buy-ins, league size and number of entrants. There is also a chat bar on the side which you can hide or pull open at any point. The chat room itself isn’t all that impressive but the ease at which you can minimize it or bring it back up is a nice addition. One addition to chat that would be nice is to show the time that people sent messages, so you can better understand where some of the conversations are coming from. The software and interface aspect is solid but could still use some improvement.

    Rosters and Scoring Formats for NFL

    StarFantasyLeagues Football Rosters and Scoring Format are pretty standard for a daily fantasy site



    Offensive Players

    PaTD – 4 pts
    PaYd – .04 pts
    RushTD – 6pts
    RushYd – 0.1pts
    RecTD – 6pts
    RecYd – .1pts
    Receptions – .5pts
    ReturnTD – 6pts
    INT – (-1pts)
    FML – (-1pts)
    2pt Conversion – 2pts


    Field Goals(0-39yds) – 3pts
    Field Goals(40-49yds) – 4pts
    Field Goals(50+) – 5pts

    Defense/Special Teams

    0 Points Allowed – 10 points
    3-6 PA – 7 points
    7-10 PA – 4 points
    11-15 PA – 2 points
    16-15 PA – 0 points
    25+ PA – (-3) points
    DTD – 6pts
    Special Teams TD – 6pts
    DINT – 1pt
    DFumbleRec – 1pt
    Safety – 2pts
    Blocked Kicks – 2pts
    Sack – .5pts

    Cashier Options

    Cashier Coming Soon

    StarFantasyLeagues does not currently have a cashier for deposits and withdrawals but is planning to incorporate one as of Week 5 of the 2012 NFL Season. You may play in their freeroll events but you there are no cash leagues and thus no cashier for deposits and withdrawals. If you win money in a freeroll event, you will have to wait until the cashier option is fully-functional to withdraw any of that money. Based on their FAQ, they will offer payment via PayPal or Credit Card.


    StarFantasyLeagues is not your top choice for daily fantasy action but if you just want to get a taste of what they some free games in a different salary system then it is worth checking out. With that said, there is much room for improvement before investing in this site.

    FanDuel FFFC 2012: $500K in Guaranteed Prizes

    August 21st, 2012

    FanDuel continues to bring incredible satellite tournaments to the daily fantasy world and this year’s FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship is no different. Much like their previous FFFC and DFBC events, FanDuel will have qualifiers each and every week with players competing for the opportunity to earn a trip to Las Vegas for the grand finale. Except this year, the prize is bigger than any other individual prize in the history of daily fantasy sports. First place at the Las Vegas finale will earn $150,000! Full details on their FFFC events are listed in this article and if you haven’t yet signed up for FanDuel, be sure to sign up through our links for a 40% Deposit Bonus to help you boost your bankroll and buy more entries into the FFFC events! And also be sure to check out all of the great features that FanDuel has to offer in our FanDuel Fantasy Promocode Article. Now let’s break down the FFFC and all it has planned this season, get excited DFS fans!

    FFFC 2012

    Qualifiers for the Vegas FFFC Finale
    The structure of the qualifiers for the Vegas FFFC finale is a bit different this year, with two different qualifier tournaments every week. There will be the standard $10 buy-in qualifier where first place earns a spot in the finals, and there will also be a weekly $270 qualifier where the top player earns a spot to the finals in Las Vegas. These qualifiers will run from Week 1 until Week 12, meaning there will be 24 finalists in the Las Vegas final! They also include $6,250 in runner-up prizes each week on top of the Vegas trip earned by the winner.

    $10 Qualifier Prize Lists
    Below are the payouts for the $10 qualifiers each week:

    $10 Qualifier Payouts

    $270 Qualifier Prize Lists

    Here are your payouts for the weekly $270 Qualifier Tournament for the FFFC:

    $270 Qualifier Payouts

    The Main Event
    The Main Event will take place during Week 14 of the NFL Season in Las Vegas. Like the DFBC and prior FFFC tournaments, FanDuel will give all qualifiers an all-expenses paid trip to the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas where you can prepare for the final event on Sunday at the incredible Legasse Stadium in the Palazzo Sportsbook. The main event will carry $350,000 in total prizes with first place walking away with an absolutely ridiculous $150,000 prize. The full prize list is shown below:

    FFFC Main Event Prizes

    On top of the trip to Vegas, all amenities for qualifiers include:

    1) One round-trip ticket to Las Vegas
    2) Chauffer ride to the Palazzo from airport
    3) Two nights at the Palazzo Hotel
    4) Free food and booze
    5) Prizes for placing in the event!

    Qualifiers will compete against the other 23 players who earned their trip to Vegas in a one-day, winner goes home with $150K event. Again, this is the largest single prize in the history of daily fantasy sports. It is also currently the only live event in daily fantasy sports, something that is extremely exciting. We have been fortunate enough to attend the DFBC 2012 and the FFFC 2011 and they were both nothing short of incredible. The drama that unfolds makes for a fun yet tense vibe at the FanDuel suite in Legasse Stadium, and this is certainly an event you will want to earn your trip for. Don’t miss out on this chance to make LIFE-CHANGING MONEY and enjoy a whole new level of fantasy football fun. Even those players who make it to Vegas but slip up that day still can walk away with a minimum of $2500 bucks! I don’t know about you but I’d head straight to the roulette table and try to double-up quick on black!

    So check out the FFFC as soon as you can and sign up through our links for your 40% deposit bonus TODAY. This is your best shot to earn life-changing money by playing daily fantasy sports and to prove that you belong in the discussion of elite daily fantasy football players. This contest will test your meddle, but in the end the vast prizes are just too good to pass up!

    DraftKings Promo Code: Overlay at DK

    August 3rd, 2012

    If you have yet to check out DraftKings, you are likely missing out on some of the best overlay in daily fantasy sports. Their daily tournaments are organized to produce tons of overlay each night, so as to draw new competition to their site. They run a ton of promotions designed to increase the money that you win night-in and night-out. Consider this article a full review of the incredible games offered by DraftKings including a breakdown of the overlay opportunities as well as a few other money-making options offered by the DK team. And if you sign up through our links, be ready for one of the best promo codes in the business. DraftKings offers you a 100% Deposit Match Bonus up to $600 on your first deposit, by signing up through our DraftKings links!!!

    DraftKings Overlay Review

    In the past 30 days prior to this review, DraftKings has doled out $20,111 in overlay from their GPP style tournaments. That is an average of over $670 per each day on DK!! There are very few sites who offer overlay at all, yet DraftKings is offering $670 worth of overlay each and every night. They have also hosted $176,556 in Guaranteed Prize Pools over the past thirty days, averaging out to nearly $6000 in guaranteed prizes each day. For those of you counting at home, that’s an average of over over 10% overlay each night which is really impressive.

    DraftKings GPP Offerings

    There are a number of great GPP games offered at DraftKings for the MLB season. Each day, DraftKings offers an $8 GPP called “Crazy 8’s” which is a 55-man event with $388 in guaranteed prizes! This event allows a maximum of 5 entries per user. For the lower bankroll player, DraftKings hosts a $1 “Daily Dollar” event with a 220-man pool and $200 in prizes. You can enter up to 20 times in this event! They also have a daily “50-50″ GPP where the top half of players involved split the prize pool, and that is their “Daily Double Up” with a $11 buy-in, 100 max players and $1000 in prizes!! This contest also has a 5-entry maximum

    The most value comes from their two biggest GPP tournaments each and every night. The first was an event intended to only run on occasion but became so popular they decided to keep it on a daily basis! The 5K Clash is a $22 buy-in tournament with 550 max players and $5000 in guaranteed prizes. Most nights this tournament only fills to around 150 players which means TONS of overlay. If 150 players join, there is $1700 in overlay for the 5K Clash or an obscene 34% overlay rate! This contest allows a maximum 50 entries per person. DraftKings hosts one other GPP event for the real high-rollers, at a buy-in of $44. It is a smaller, 25-man event with $1000 in prizes that you may buy into up to 5 times. This event, known as “The Magnum” is a great opportunity to show you can hang with the cream of the daily fantasy crop and take advantage of some nightly overlay as well!

    DraftKings Freerolls

    Is the overlay not enticing enough to get you to roll the dice on DraftKings? Well how about trying one of their daily freerolls that boast $100 in prizes each night. That’s right, every night you have an opportunity to cut into the $100 prize pool without having to pay. The top ten players get paid and if you can do well enough to finish in 1st, you will bring home $50!! You can easily parlay that into a couple of 5K Clash entries and next thing you know, you will be rolling in free cash from DraftKings. But that still wasn’t enough for DraftKings, as they also hold a $500 SUNDAY FREEROLL to end every single week. In this event, the top 50 players are paid and first place will earn you $100 bucks. There are no other sites that are giving away this much free money on a weekly basis!

    Other Free Money Opportunities at DK

    Still yearning to squeeze a little extra cash out of DraftKings pockets? Well they also give you an opportunity to earn DraftKings Dollars by taking surveys and signing up for various offers on their site. All you have to do is fill out the forms they offer and you will be given the a fore mentioned value for the sign up in DraftKings dollars. Just go to your account information and select “Free Bonus Offers.” Some of these offers include a 1-month free Netflix trial which earns you 8 DK bucks, signing up for a Discover Card which will earn you $33 DK bucks and trying out GameFly for $10 DK Dollars. It’s that simple to earn the extra money to kick start your DK bankroll.

    DraftKings Software and Scoring Systems

    DraftKings has a fairly smooth interface that could still use a lot of work. The draw to DraftKings is their massive overlay, but the overall software on the site could use some touching up. They do not offer a chat option at this time, and the ability to import and export a large number of teams is unavailable. It would also be nice to be able to better see your team during in-game scoring. But the live scoring is efficient and the scoring systems are one of a kind. For MLB, DraftKings has a style of scoring that is HEAVILY based on hitters. A home run is worth 16 points and each run or RBI is worth another 4. Strikeouts hurt, by detracting 2 points from your score, but the starting pitcher becomes almost obsolete. Starters earn a point for each inning pitched, a point for each strikeout and 5 points for a win. They will also lose a point for earned runs allowed and 2 points for a loss. Overall, the DraftKings scoring system heavily favors hitters and the pitcher becomes a “cheap option” game.

    To summarize, DraftKings offers an average of $670 in overlay each night, $1100 in freerolls each week and tons of guaranteed prize pools. Overall, that works out to be about $250 in free money that is yours for the taking each night. There is absolutely no reason to not take advantage of these great offers, and remember if you deposit through our links you will also receive a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $600.

    For a full review of all the features, software and in-depth details of DraftKings, check out our DraftKings Review here.

    2012 FanDuel Elite 100 Review: $100K In Prizes!

    July 20th, 2012

    FanDuel seems to think they didn’t offer enough promotions when they offered 15 rounds of qualifiers for their DFBC championship with a $100K first place prize and a trip to Las Vegas for all of their qualifiers. The daily fantasy giant has once again upped the ante by offering another challenge to prove who is truly an elite FanDuel player! Are you part of the FanDuel Elite 100? Well there are multiple ways to prove it now, all leading to a final event on August 31st with a $100K Guaranteed Prize Pool. New to FanDuel? That doesn’t mean you can’t be an elite player still. Check out our FanDuel Promocode article and be sure to enter the FanDuel Promocode “RotoGrinders” when you sign up for a 40% DEPOSIT BONUS! This is the best possible promo code for FanDuel new sign-ups. This Fantasy PromoCode article will serve as a full review of the Elite 100 event with payouts, events and all the details you need to join the Elite.

    FanDuel Elite 100 Event Details
    There are multiple ways to play in the final Elite 100 event, which takes place on August 31st. There will first be a round of satellite qualifiers that take place between Friday, July 20th to Sunday August, 26th. These satellite qualifiers will range from $2 buy-ins to $285. This is your best opportunity to parlay a simple $2 buy-in into thousands of dollars in cash. Don’t miss out. If you can’t get into the Elite 100 through a qualifier, there will be a buy-in period following the qualifiers with 5 to 10 places being available for purchase. Each seat will cost $1070 and are bound to go fast so your best bet is still the qualifiers.

    When Are All These Events Taking Place?
    Qualifiers run from 7/20 – 8/26. A small buy-in period occurs after that. The final event is Friday, August 31st.

    What Is The Prize Structure?
    First place reels in an incredible $20,000! Second will take home $15,000 and third brings back another $10 grand. The top 15 spots of the 100-man finale event will be paid and the lowest possible prize(for 15th place) is still $2000! There are also prizes in the satellite qualifiers, so they are not ‘winner take all’ type events. You could possibly parlay $2 into $20,000, an offer that is extremely rare in daily fantasy sports!

    More Information
    The DFBC was an incredible event that brought in thousands of players every Friday night with a chance to win a trip to Vegas and a place in their main event. A smaller player had such a difficult shot at taking home the DFBC when thousands of players entered and many of them had a huge bankroll that allowed them to buy tons of entries each week. These elite qualifiers are much different, with smaller sized tournaments to qualify for a spot. Their $50 satellite qualifier has only 23 seats! If you can beat out 22 other competitors, you will find yourself in the Elite 100 for that event! FanDuel is pegging this event as your best shot to prove you are truly elite by evening the playing field as much as possible. So no matter what your bankroll you will have an even shot to prove you belong in the discussion of the best players around daily fantasy.

    This is not something you want to miss out on, as it is FanDuel’s last major MLB event of the 2012 season. If you love daily fantasy baseball, you know there are a ton of great events going on across the daily fantasy landscape. Well this is just another awesome event in a long list of guaranteed prize pools totaling into the hundreds of thousands! So whether you are a grizzled FanDuel veteran or a player looking to check out a new site, this contest is perfect for you. Remember again to check out our FanDuel PromoCode Review and enter the promo code “ROTOGRINDERS” when you sign up to FanDuel for an incredible 40% deposit bonus so you can have a little extra cash to prove you are truly elite!

    DailyJoust $12K King’s Crown Tournament

    July 6th, 2012

    First, there was FanDuel’s Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship for the 2012 MLB Season. Then came the DraftStreet Baseball Championship this summer. The DOCOFS from DraftDay came next with incredible promotions. Now, the fourth daily fantasy giant has showed their hand as DailyJoust is launching their $12K King’s Crown Tournament with 10 rounds of qualifiers and 12 total seats to the final event. Players will battle for the King’s Crown at DJ and a shot at the $5,000 first place prize. Sign up through our promo code today, earn a 40% first deposit bonus, and take your stab at earning a seat to the King’s Crown finale now. Full details below.

    DailyJoust Overview

    DailyJoust brings a medieval touch to the daily fantasy world with a number of exciting guaranteed prize pool events with names such as the King Arthur, Page Thomas and Squire Williams. Their slogan reads, “Fantasy Sports Contests…For Gold and Glory”, a motto they certainly live up to. The site is easy to use with a convenient draft lobby that allows you to sift through available games and an advanced draft room that makes daily fantasy easier on the casual daily fantasy player. For Major League Baseball, DailyJoust will put a player’s name in bold if they are in the lineup for a given day, and fade their name to a lighter shade if they are projected to be out of the starting lineup. This is just one of the features that DailyJoust offers to make daily fantasy sports more convenient for the everyday player.

    DailyJoust also boasts an incredible leaderboard function where you can see how well the top players on the site are doing and even see how you stack up against the competition. They also offer daily plays recommendations and a functional chat feature that allows you to keep in touch with other players on the site if you so please.

    At the top of the home page, you will see all of their current promotions and promo code details. They show their large qualifier tournaments, such as the King’s Crown or Super Joust, as well as all of the great offers that DJ brings to the table. Those great offers include a badges reward program where you can earn badges for specific goals on the site and those badges can translate into an entry in a monthly freeroll. For all of the details of the badge program, promo codes and a full review, click here.

    King’s Crown Tournament Overview

    The King’s Crown Tournament, as mentioned earlier, brings $12,000 in guaranteed prizes to the table. The final event will take place September 14th following ten weeks of qualifying events. Each Friday, starting July 6th, DailyJoust will host a $10 qualifier event where the winner earns a seat in the King’s Crown finale and places 2-21 will earn their money back. It’s an extremely top heavy event that forces daily fantasy players to risk it all in an effort to secure the King’s Crown.

    If you are fortunate enough to reach the final event, the payout structure is as follows:
    1st) $5,000
    2nd) $2,500
    3rd) $1,000
    4th) $800
    5th) $700
    6th) $500
    7th) $400
    8th) $300
    9th-12th) $200

    There are the ten rounds of qualifying, as well as two seats reserved for affiliate links. For more information on how to earn one of the affiliate seats, click here.

    The month of September is going to be huge for DailyJoust, who have added this King’s Crown tournament on top of the $15,000 Super Joust 3 tourney and the $5,000 Summer Joust event. That totals up to be $32,000 in September prizes following a couple months of qualifying. This is an incredible opportunity to win big from a relatively small buy-in, so for those daily fantasy players looking to hit the jackpot, sign up to DailyJoust today, enter our promo code, and receive a 40% deposit bonus.

    DraftDay Promo Code

    June 28th, 2012

    There’s no need to enter a Promo Code on DraftDay to get the top bonus on DraftDay – just make sure to click through our link to DraftDay here and create an account and you’ll get a 20% deposit bonus and a free $5 game!

    If you haven’t checked out DraftDay yet, you are missing out on one of the coolest and sleekest daily fantasy sites on the web. From innovative game styles to massive qualifier events, DraftDay has everything a daily fantasy player could need in one spot. The games range in value from a daily freeroll to $500 buy-ins and the style of game play ranges as well(see more further down.) They have an incredible lobby whose sleek design and easy maneuverability makes it perfect for the new daily fantasy player. So check out a couple of their features below and then head over to DraftDay, enter your info, promo code and start playing!

    Signing Up

    Signing up for DraftDay is easy to do. Just click the Sign Up button at the top tab and immediately a pop up window shows up with the option to go to the sign up page or with the convenient option of signing up through Facebook. Just enter your full name, an email, and any promo codes you have and you are ready to go! From there you will be taken to the DD home page where you can start depositing or jumping in their daily freeroll.

    Daily Free Ballin Freeroll

    The DraftDay daily freeroll is one of the bigger daily free events out there, and very nice to have a shot at every day. Fifty dollars in total prizes. First place brings home a cool $15 while the top 25 players overall each day receive at least a buck. It’s definitely tough to bring home the freeroll money, with almost 700 daily players, but it’s still worth it to take a stab each day. Who knows, maybe you will win just a dollar and use it to win The Jackpot event the next day. Don’t worry, there’s a full explanation of the awesome daily Jackpot event at DD below!

    Innovative Game Styles

    What separates DraftDay from the pack is their incredible innovation with game styles. They offer three different types of games unlike those seen on most different fantasy sites. The first is a Jackpot style game, the second is a hit it and split it type and the third is Pick Em style.

    Daily Jackpot

    The Daily Jackpot is an opportunity for a player to make a ton of money with only a $1 entry. Enter the Jackpot game at DraftDay and fill out your lineup just like you would for any other team. But instead of competing against fellow players, you will be competing against the top score of the entire season that the game is for. For example, if the highest score from all Jackpot games during baseball season is 110 fantasy points, the goal is to score higher than that. Every day, people try to hit the Jackpot and for each day that someone fails to reach it, all of the money is added to the Jackpot total. The Jackpot can reach into the thousands of dollars by the later stages of a sports season. If you can beat the Jackpot on any given day, you are likely to turn $1 into hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    Hit It and Split It

    Hit it and split it games are perhaps the coolest of the games introduced by DraftDay. DraftDay sets a series of scores, dependent on sport, and hosts games where anyone who buys in and achieves that score on a given night splits the prize with all other players who also reached that score that night. For MLB, the Mendoza Line is their main Hit It and Split It game, where a score of 45 fantasy points is the goal. For $2.50 you can buy-in and take a chance. With 100 entrants every night, you are basically hoping that you can break 45 and the smallest number of other entrants are able to do the same. If you break 45 and only 10 other players do so, you and the 10 other players will split the 200$ prize pool. Their bigger Hit It and Split It game for MLB is the Helton Heights game which has a buy-in of $7.50 and a hit it and split it line of 65 fantasy points. Obviously the 65 points is much harder to achieve than the 45, so if you are able to do so you will be splitting a very nice chunk of change. What also makes the Hit it and Split it games cool is that if no one is able to hit the target score on a given night, the money from that night will roll over into the pool for the next night!

    Pick Em

    Pick em is a style of game that has caught on across daily fantasy sports and DraftDay hosts a number of Pick em games each night. Pick em is essentially a game where you are given tiers of similar skill/valued players and you choose one player out of each tier. At DraftDay, you get 2 tiers of pitchers and 6 tiers of hitters for Major League Baseball games. Just like any other daily fantasy game, the person who picks the best group of players takes home the prize! DraftDay has run great promo code events with their Pick Em games as well. They have had XM Sirius Radio fantasy bombshell Kay Adams in a series of Pick Em games where all winners won exclusive access into a small number of entrees freeroll and more! So check out the Pick Em games and make a lineup much faster than you could with the typical salary cap style.

    Huge Events

    In the past, DraftDay has run some massive qualifier events such as their DOCOFS promotion which ran for the beginning of the 2012 MLB Season. They call the DOCOFS, “The first online fantasy sports championship of its kind” and it certainly lived up to that billing. With over $40K in prizes, including a $20K Main-Event, the first DOCOFS round was a huge hit. This is just one example of all the great promos that DraftDay has been known to run.

    So check out DraftDay, it’s easy to use and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend giving one of their interesting game styles a shot, I bet you’ll enjoy it!